Super Scooter

Introducing the Super Scooter Super course!©

In January 2013 the DSA changed the regulations on testing which stopped people from training and testing on a 125cc scooter and getting a full licence to ride any size scooter. Now if you test on a 125 then a 125 is all you can use. This does allow you to get rid of the “L” plates and carry passengers but restricts you to 125cc scooters only.

Advantage Wimbledon has invested in a Super scooter!

Taster session.

Book an hours taster session for £50 (Min age 24, must have a valid cbt)

Full Licence course.

If you’re very confident on a 125cc scooter a full licence could be yours in as little as 3/4 days. Why not book in a taster session to see if it’s what you fancy? At the end of the session your instructor will be able to advise you on how many days of training you would need. (Min age 24, must have a valid cbt)

The Suzuki Bergman 650 executive with abs brakes is now ready for you to use to get an unrestricted licence for automatics. Taking your training and full licence on this bike will give you instant access to any size automatics.


The Suzuki Bergman 650 executive, packed with features that include:

  • Fully automatic or tiptronic gearbox
  • ABS breaking system
  • Economy and sports mode with boost button
  • Heated front and rear seats
  • Heated handlebar grips
  • Adjustable screen
  • Retractable mirrors
  • Large boot space
  • Side stand
  • Handbrake

Second hand these bikes represent a truly luxurious bargain!