Great ways to save money on bike insurance

Take your CBT and you can ride a 125cc motorbike on the road with L plates for up to 2 years. Pass your full test and you can ride larger and more powerful machines. Before you do though, there’s the sticky subject of paying for bike insurance which you can’t avoid if you want to legally ride the bike on the road. This can be pricey but there are ways of lowering premiums so you don’t have to pay any more than you want to.

  • Look at the insurance group of the bike: Motorbikes are categorised into different price structures for insurance depending on the make, model and size of machine. Compare different machines before you make a purchase if you are worried about insurance. Ask the bike dealer what the insurance group is, you might be better off choosing a model in a lower insurance bracket.
  • Think about engine size: 125cc bikes are some of the cheapest to insure so they’re a popular option for city commuters. You can only ride up to 125cc with a CBT anyway but when you pass your full bike test this opens up a whole new world of powerful machines. Generally the smaller the engine the cheaper the insurance is likely to be, do you really need a 1200cc Triumph as a starter bike after passing your test, wouldn’t a 600cc Suzuki be just as much fun?
  • Build up your premiums: Try not to make any claims and that should see the cost of your premiums tumble. Steadily build up your insurance premium year after year and you’ll receive a no claims discount making the cost of insurance cheaper.
  • Get older! The older you get the cheaper insurance gets so be patient and one day your bike policy will be really cheap.
  • Fit an alarm: Finally, install an alarm on your bike. Insurers like Thatcham-approved systems and they should lower your premium as a result.