Geared conversion

Some people take the cbt course on an automatic scooter and then later want to switch onto a geared bike. Some training schools try to push customers into taking the cbt course on an automatic bike and then hope to sell a geared conversion course later on! (not us! we’re happy to do the cbt for you on geared bikes!)

The CBT certificate, even if issued on an automatic bike will still allow you to go and jump onto a geared bike. If you have had some experiance on geared bikes in the past this shouldn’t be a problem. If you have never ridden a geared bike but have lots of experience on an automatic why not do one of our geared conversion courses?

Whats involved?

The geared conversion course is a 3 hour training session in which your instructor will teach you how to use a separate clutch and gear shift. You will practice pulling away and stopping, changing up and down gears, slow riding, U turns and emergency breaking, all in a safe off road training area. Once you have the basics and the bike under control the instructor will take you out onto the open road for some real road riding practice with over radio instruction. Once you gain your confidence you may want to get on a big bike and take a DAS (direct access course). Remember the rules change next year!

Whats the cost?

Geared conversion courses cost £100 and include all bike and equipment hire.

One of our New Yamaha ybr 125cc motorbikes, waiting for you!

So surf the site and check us out, call Advantage Wimbledon for our prices and to see what we can do for you!

All our scooter and bike training Instructors are fully qualified and licensed.