Full Licence

If you’re looking to pass the bike test, DAS or Direct Access scheme and want to get a full licence to ride a motorbike or scooter you would first need to have a valid cbt certificate and also pass the theory test for motorcycles/scooters. Read on for all your options.

AM Licence (16 yrs old)

If you’re 16 you can take a test on a moped and get a full licence that lets you ride up to 50 cc. If you have a full car licence you may already have this but will need to pass a cbt if it was issued after Feb 2002 to activate it.

A1 Licence (17 yrs old)

If your 17 yrs you can take a test on a 125cc bike and get a full licence for bikes up to 125cc and no more than 15 bhp

A2 Licence (19 yrs old)

If you’re over 19 yrs old and want a full licence then you can take this route. Once passed you can ride bikes up to 47bhp, they can be any engine size so long as it’s not restricted from a bike of more than double this hp (94bhp) After 2 years, or when you get to 24 years old you could then go for the “A” licence which is unrestricted.

A Licence, (24 yrs old) DAS or Direct Access Scheme

DAS stands for Direct Access Scheme, training. To take a DAS training course you need to be 24 years or older and pass your test on a motorbike or scooter over 53 bhp. At Advantage Wimbledon London we use new Yamaha XJ 600 with abs brakes for the bike test. For the automatic DAS course we use the Suzuki Bergman 650 executive. Once you have passed the test you will have a full bike licence to ride any cc or size of bike

Check out the video if you’re unsure!

Which course is the right one for me?

This depends on your age, ability and previous levels of experience (if any). Below are some, but not all of the options available to you.

1 Day Booster Course

The Booster course is ideal for someone who has recently completed a CBT and may be considering commuting or gaining a full licence on a motorcycle or scooter. This course will lay down the foundations required for safe riding and passing the test. Or you may be returning to biking after a long break and feel that your skills are rusty and perhaps would benefit from a day’s instruction. As a minimum to do this course you need to be at a confident CBT level on the road.

2 Day Course

Given that we now have a two part test in operation, a 2 day course would only suit someone who is up to test standard already and just needs a couple of hours of tuition on each day before taking first the off road module one test, and then, at a later date, the on-road module two test. This can be done either on a scooter or motorcycle.

3 Day Course

A 3-day course will suit very experienced riders who already hold a CBT certificate and are riding a geared bike or scooter at the moment and who have also had experience on larger machines. For DAS (Direct Access Scheme) students, you will be straight out on the 600cc machine on the first day. The off road test will be held on the second day, after which the on-road test can then be booked. 3 days is a good option for people on smaller bikes (125cc) with lots of experience and scooter riders.

4 Day Course

A 4-day DAS course assumes previous riding experience on a small geared bike and will change you over onto the large machine on the first day. This option suits riders with experience in other countries but who have not ridden regularly in Britain. The off road module one test will be held on the third day after which the on-road module two test and final training day can be booked.

5 Day Course

By far our most popular course, the 5-day course is ideal for people who have just completed the CBT but done little more than this. If you are doing a Direct Access Course, you need to have completed the CBT on a geared bike. It gives you a day on the 125cc before changing over onto the 600cc machine on the second day. The first test, conducted off road, is held on the fourth day of the course. Once this has been passed we can then book students in for the on road test and final training day.

6 Day+ Course

6 days training or more can be arranged and might suit Provisional Licence holders with little road experience

So surf the site and check us out, call Advantage Wimbledon for our prices and to see what we can do for you!
All our scooter and bike training Instructors are fully qualified and licensed.