3 bike friendly places to visit in London

Why is it that some establishments frown on the biking community? We never quite understand this at CBT, Advantage Wimbledon we’re a friendly bunch that are passionate about bikes, like most motorcycle riders, so why restrict the places where we can meet up, have a chat and compare bikes? Luckily there are some places that welcome us with open arms, like the cafes and pubs in this list below.

Ace Café London: If you’re big into bikes this place needs little in the way of introduction. The Ace Café was opened in 1938 to cater for passing traffic and in particular the hauliers that thundered along the new North Circular road. It quickly became a popular place for bikers to meet, become a place for the ton-up boys to brag in the 1960s and today it’s still a great place to enjoy a breakfast, mug of coffee and catch up with your biking buddies.

The Market Porter: You’ll find this real ale pub at Borough Market and bikers meet there every Wednesday. The food is great, they have a different ‘beer festival’ every week but you might be better sticking to soft drinks if you are riding your bike. Pay a visit and meet fellow biking enthusiasts at this popular location, it’s a really good biking hangout.

The Rose Pub: Ride your bike to Fulham on the first Thursday of every month and you’ll find a group of Harley Davidson enthusiasts enjoying a get together at the charming Rose Pub. Many of the locals consider this drinking establishment to be their very own village pub, such is the level of hospitality and the excellent choice of food and drink. The banter is great, especially when the bikers arrive, enjoy a home cooked meal, sip a pint of shandy have a chinwag about your latest biking adventures.

How to make yourself and your bike more visible

Dark mornings, dark evenings and dreary weather work against you when you ride your bike. Even in good daylight some motorists find it hard to spot motorbikes, you’re smaller, nimbler and motorists find it difficult to notice you in their mirrors. How do you increase your chances of being spotted? There are ways to get noticed on the road, try these ideas to make other motorists aware.

Wear fluorescent clothing – Get noticed wearing a fluorescent bib as you ride. You wear a reflective vest during training so why not keep this up after you pass your test? High visibility vests are fluorescent during the day and they have reflective strips which makes it easier for them to stand out at night.

Wear a brightly coloured helmet – Use a coloured helmet instead of a darker option, you could wear a high visibility helmet and really stand out in a crowd. Use any means possible to make your body more noticeable and pre-warn drivers you are on your way.

Ride a colourful bike – The colour of your bike can help you stand out as well. Opt for bright red or sunburst yellow for instance and you have more chance of being spotted by a driver due to your bike’s fetching colour scheme.

Use reflective strips on your bike – Fit reflective tape on the side of your tank, the front forks or around the rims of your bike to have better presence at night. The more you can ‘advertise’ your bike at night the better chance you have of being spotted in headlights.

Switch your lights on – In poor lighting always switch your bike’s lights on and keep them clean and free from grime. Make regular checks on your lights to establish they are working properly, if you find a bulb has blown replace it and keep your lights in perfect working order.

These are just a few of our ideas to get you noticed out on the road. Do you have any suggestions of your own?