CBT Motorbike and Scooter training in Wimbledon SW19

CBT London training by Advantage Wimbledon – For expert CBT London, scooter & motorbike training in London and the only name you need to obtain your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) in South London.

With traffic in the capital becoming ever more frustrating, achieving your CBT can give you the freedom you need to get on your bike and avoid the jams, cutting your journey time significantly. We provide CBT at our Wimbledon training centre on a choice of motorbikes or scooters – and it takes just a single day to complete. Our motorbike and scooter training is extremely thorough and will prepare you for today’s busy traffic, giving you the skills and confidence you need to ride safely and responsibly. So what are you waiting for? Book your CBT training course with us today!


What does Compulsory Basic Training include?

Choose Advantage for CBT in South London and you’ll receive unrivaled tuition from our instructors in a relaxed, friendly environment. Our training includes familiarity with all the aspects of your motorbike and safety equipment, as well as explaining the safety checks you should complete before starting any journey. Our CBT in Wimbledon begins at 08.15 and finishes at around 17.00, and includes five specific stages that will be completed in order during the day of your training:

A:   The importance of wearing the correct bike equipment and clothing.

B:   How to carry out bike and scooter safety checks.

C:   Practical off road bike and scooter riding skills.

D:   Safe road riding briefing.

E:    Minimum of 2 hours of on road instruction.

Once you have completed each of these five stages, your scooter training in London is complete. Your instructor will issue a Compulsory Basic Training Certificate (Form DL196), at which point congratulations are in order!

I completed my CBT London, now what?

With the successful completion of your CBT in South London you are permitted at 16yrs to ride a 50cc scooter. At 17yrs to ride a scooter or motorbike up to 125cc for two years. After this period you will need to renew your CBT or move up to a full licence. You can also take at Advantage our Wimbledon scooter traning center.

Give yourself an Advantage and pass the CBT London at our Wimbledon training centre. Call 020 8543 5722 Now. Speak to one of our team about booking your scooter training with London’s best!

Take a look at the CBT motorcycle training course


CBT Wimbledon final bike test

The Yamaha XJ 600 abs used for the full bike test

So surf the site and check us out, call Advantage Wimbledon for our prices and to see what we can do for you!
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All our scooter and bike training Instructors are fully qualified and licensed.